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Meet Dr. Robert Shire

Respect for the Body’s Ability to Heal

Dr. Shire became a chiropractor in 1999 after graduating cum laude from Life University in Georgia. He is also a fellow with the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA). Dr. Shire was drawn to the profession due to his fascination with and respect for the body and its ability to heal and perform without having to use drugs or surgery.

“As I went through my chiropractic education and listened to many doctors speak and attended many seminars and classes, I began to understand how pervasive chiropractic is.” Dr. Shire realized that chiropractic can help many people with a variety of different conditions, complaints and symptoms.

Achieve Greater Levels of Health

Dr. Shire realized that many people who came to see him had musculoskeletal (low back, ankles, knees and hips) complaints that were tied into carrying around excess weight. The added pounds caused physiological and musculoskeletal health problems.

Recognizing that there is an epidemic of obesity in the United States, Dr. Shire wanted to do something to help his overweight patients lose weight and regain their health. He became a health coach several years ago so he could help people achieve greater levels of health by addressing their diet and lifestyle.

Living out Life University’s Lasting Purpose

Dr. Shire makes it a practice to live out Life University’s Lasting Purpose: “To Give, to Do, to Love, to Serve, out of One’s Abundance.” This lasting purpose was created by Dr. Sid Williams, the founding president of Life University.

Outside the Office

“My family is my grounding — the foundation from which I do everything.” When he’s not at work, Dr. Shire enjoys spending time with his wife and children. He likes skiing and playing soccer, guitar and bass.

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