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Address Pregnancy-Related Postural Changes With Chiropractic Care

pregnant woman on-edge of bedWhile an exhilarating, life-changing journey, pregnancy is often accompanied by a handful of physical challenges. An area often overlooked is the drastic change in a woman’s posture due to her body’s remarkable transformation to support the growing baby. Fortunately, perinatal chiropractic care offers a natural, effective pathway to improve posture and alleviate discomfort during this significant period.

Deciphering Postural Adaptations in Pregnancy

As the body adjusts to the increasing weight and shifting center of gravity throughout pregnancy, changes in a woman’s posture are inevitable. The additional weight at the front may prompt the pelvis to tilt forward, causing an enhanced curve in the lower back. These shifts can lead to discomfort, pain, and a disrupted sense of balance.

The Significance of Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care helps optimize the alignment of the spine and pelvis during pregnancy. Using gentle, non-invasive techniques, Midtown NYC chiropractor Dr. Robert Shire adjusts the spine, corrects misalignments, and relieves nerve pressure. For pregnant women, these chiropractic adjustments can focus on specific areas impacted by postural changes, offering relief from discomfort and improving overall bodily function.

Check out our blog for more information about the importance of proper spinal alignment during pregnancy.

Benefits for Moms

As a woman’s body changes to accommodate her growing baby, discomfort in the lower back, hips, and pelvis often arises. Chiropractic care can effectively mitigate these symptoms by restoring proper alignment, reducing muscular tension, and promoting optimal nerve function. Not only does chiropractic help moms-to-be feel better physically but our natural care has a positive effect on their emotional well-being.

During Dr. Shire’s thorough examination process, he often discovers that a pregnant mom is toting a heavy backpack, which would massively strain the body at any time in life. However, it’s particularly impactful during pregnancy when the body is undergoing significant transformations.

Though some expectant moms view a backpack as a better alternative than a heavy purse, a pack on your back can intensify the stress placed on your spinal system from the pregnancy. Check out our blog to learn about some of the dangers of wearing a backpack during pregnancy.

Preserving Pelvic Balance

Chiropractors like Dr. Shire prioritize maintaining pelvic balance during pregnancy. Appropriate pelvic alignment is crucial for a smoother delivery process. By identifying and treating any misalignments early, chiropractic care can potentially facilitate easier labor and delivery.

Partnering With Midwives and Doulas

Dr. Shire’s partnership with numerous midwives and doulas in the area further strengthens the holistic approach to prenatal care, providing an integrated support network for expectant mothers.

You deserve to feel great physically and emotionally during pregnancy. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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