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Webster Technique

pregnant mom with low back support on bedPregnancy is a beautiful and remarkable journey, but it can also bring numerous physical changes and discomforts for the mother. A woman’s body undergoes profound changes during the perinatal period to accommodate this new life. These changes can lead to back pain, pelvic pain, headaches, and other uncomfortable symptoms.

As many moms-to-be want to avoid medication during pregnancy, chiropractic care is a safe and effective way to manage pain and discomfort. The Webster Technique has become a significant part of this discovery.

The Origins of the Method

The Webster Technique is a chiropractic method of analysis developed by Dr. Larry Webster in the 1980s. Driven by his daughter’s challenging childbirth experience, he envisioned a more effective way to provide adjustments for pregnant mothers. This led to his creation of a unique sacral analysis and Diversified adjustment method designed to mitigate the impact of sacral misalignment during pregnancy.

This technique involves a specific sequence of gentler adjustments compared to other methods. Special tables and pillows are used to support the expecting mother to maximize comfort. Since its introduction to the ICPA Certification Program in 2000, the Webster Technique has become a familiar term in the pregnancy and birth conversation.

It’s unsurprising that families seek out chiropractors like Dr. Shire, who are skilled in this technique, for a safer, easier, and more comfortable birthing experience.

pregnant mom on bed in pajamas

A Special Focus on Helping Expectant Mothers and Children

Dr. Shire’s journey toward becoming a certified pediatric chiropractor started in chiropractic school (1997) when his wife was pregnant. Witnessing the positive impact of regular adjustments on her pregnancy and delivery sparked his interest in this field.

Realizing the potential for better pregnancy outcomes, Dr. Shire later obtained his Webster certification. His guiding principle is simple: if Mom is happy, the entire family is happy!

How Can the Webster Technique Benefit You?

Adjustments to the pelvis can alleviate the discomfort often experienced during pregnancy. The Webster method allows us to identify any issues with the sacrum, psoas muscle, and pelvic ligaments. Adjusting the pelvis and aligning the mother’s spine can help position the baby optimally for a more comfortable pregnancy experience.

We’re Here to Answer Your Questions!

If you’d like to learn more about the Webster Technique or would like to make an appointment, we invite you to reach out to our Midtown NYC, Rye Brook or Hamptons practice today. We’re eager to support you on your journey to experiencing the best possible pregnancy.



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