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What to Expect

Your initial visits with Dr. Robert Shire are all about getting to know you, your health concerns and your goals. Our friendly staff is warm and welcoming.

Getting Started

Before your first visit, we will verify your health insurance. Please complete our new patient paperwork in the convenience of your home. This will also save you time on your first visit.


At your first appointment, Dr. Shire will get your extensive and comprehensive health history and perform a complete physical exam. The exam includes the following:

  • Postural evaluation
  • Muscle testing
  • Orthopedic and neurologic tests
  • X-rays if necessary with our state-of-the-art digital X-ray machine
  • A digital scan of your feet to evaluate for any foot imbalance

Once these tests are completed, Dr. Shire will initiate some treatment on that day. We will be sure to explain what that treatment will be and answer any questions you might have before we begin.

Your first visit will take about 45 minutes.

Very happy with my first chiropractic experience. Dr. Shire was very patient, knowledgeable & thoroughly described the various moving functions of the body. I feel encouraged by his motivation to help me achieve the level of wellness that I expect from my body. I highly recommend.

Patricia S.

Your Second Visit

When you return for your second visit, Dr. Shire will sit down with you and review his findings from the examination. At this visit, he’ll recommend an initial care plan and explain how long he expects you to see results in terms of getting relief. He’ll explain to you what he found, what the problem is, what he’s going to do to fix it, how long it will take, and how much it will cost.

Once you understand everything and decide to begin care, we will start your treatment right away. You can expect this visit to last about 30 minutes.

Regular Visits

Regular visits start with Dr. Shire performing a chiropractic adjustment, along with any necessary muscle work or soft tissue work. He may provide some supportive therapies such as spinal traction, ultrasound, electric stimulation, heat, ice and massage. Expect these visits to last about 20-30 minutes.

Dr. Shire is committed to addressing any underlying structural problems that you have and “taking you into wellness.” How long you choose to stay and how long you plan to use chiropractic is entirely up to you.

Have questions about what to expect during your first visit? Contact Dr. Robert Shire today and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have!


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