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Chiropractic Care

Dr. Shire draws upon his years of experience to provide you with effective chiropractic techniques that can help you get pain relief and experience wellness.


A Collection of Techniques

Dr. Shire uses a collection of techniques that he’s learned over the years that he’s built into his own unique technique to best serve each individual patient. These techniques include:

Analyzing Areas of Interference

When someone comes in, Dr. Shire will spend time analyzing where their areas of interference, or subluxations, are. He’ll prepare the body to receive the chiropractic adjustment by doing some soft tissue work such as gentle massage and stretching.

Gentle and Safe Care

To help his patients feel comfortable with chiropractic care, Dr. Shire reassures them that chiropractic is very safe. “It’s the safest health care modality that one can participate in.” We will ask you to discuss any concerns you have about your chiropractic care and make sure you are completely relaxed and comfortable before we begin.

Discover how our safe and gentle techniques can help you feel better! Call (212) 752-6770 today.

Dr. Robert Shire | (212) 752-6770