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Bolster Your Low Back with Exercises & Chiropractic

man and woman running on a roadLow back pain can be a minor inconvenience or debilitating condition, sidelining people from their daily activities. Low back pain has many causes and can be attributed to a weak core and weak back muscles.

“By doing some simple exercises and stretching, low back pain can be alleviated. These strengthen the core and back, so each time a patient sees me, the strength continues to build, and the patient will hold the correct form longer,” said Dr. Shire.

Dr. Shire, your Midtown NYC chiropractor, recommends the following to address low back pain:

Get Adjusted

It’s important to get a chiropractic adjustment first because you want to be properly aligned before beginning any exercise routine. It’s like ensuring the wheels on your car are aligned before you go on a long drive.

Hydrate Those Discs

Maintaining good hydration is crucial, because the discs in your back are 90% water, and muscles are mainly made of water. So before starting any exercise routine, it’s important that you’re properly hydrated. Not only drinking enough water, but also consuming enough fruits and vegetables, which are also full of water and help your body absorb better.

Strengthen Your Core

Planks, for example, are great core muscle strengthening exercises. These can be done with your knees and elbows on the floor, or you can do a standing wall plank. You’ll want to tighten your core to keep a nice flat back and horizontal to the ground. You can do regular planks and side planks with one elbow. Always be sure to start easy and slowly.

Move More

Any movement is a good movement, because being sedentary can contribute to low back pain. Start with 2-3 sessions of dedicated work a week. Instead of looking at exercise as a chore, consider it a vital lifestyle change. Good core strength activities are cycling, kayaking, dancing, boxing, rock climbing, and swimming-anything that engages your entire midsection, and helps activate and engage those deep muscles. Yoga and Pilates are also good for the core. And you don’t have to join a gym. You can do online classes and find exercise routines you like on YouTube. There’s something for everyone!

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