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Breech Birth CAN be Avoided!

Through the normal course of development, it’s optimal for a baby to end up in the “head down” position for the safest and easiest exit at birth. Sometimes, though, a baby can get “stuck” inside the womb and end up in a breech position.

Breech positioning is most commonly seen with subsequent pregnancies, multiple pregnancies, a history of premature delivery and poor pelvic alignment in the mom.

The Grandfather of Pediatric Chiropractic

Pregnant Woman

Help ensure a great delivery of your baby!

The late Dr. Larry Webster, founder of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association, developed a technique that enabled chiropractors to reduce the stress and imbalance in the lower back, sacrum and pelvis of the pregnant mother. He formulated gentle adjustments, which help to lead to the relaxation of the uterus and surrounding ligaments, making it easier for a breech baby to “turn” naturally.

The Webster Technique has been reported to have an 82% success rate!

Chiropractic Care Turns Babies

It’s been my experience that correction of the pelvis can often take between six to twelve sessions. Recently, I adjusted a mom whose baby was in the breech position. The very next day she returned from her OB-GYN visit and reported that after that single adjustment the baby had turned and was now head down!

In golf they call this a hole-in-one.

Research shows that moms who get adjusted on a regular basis throughout their pregnancy experience less time in labor, easier labor and a better overall pregnancy experience. Please let us know if we can help! Call today!

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