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Get the Restorative Rest Your Body Needs

woman asleep in bedDo you find it hard to shut down at night? Wake up unrefreshed due to disrupted sleep?

Common symptoms of unrestful sleep include inability to concentrate, irritability, depression, and difficulty learning.

If you’ve been unable to get the restorative rest your body requires to function properly, paying attention to sleep ergonomics is vital.

Dr. Shire Has Some Helpful Tips:

1: Establish a routine

Go to sleep at the same time each night and wake at the same time every morning. Aim to get about 8 hours of sleep nightly. Remember that we’re connected to circadian rhythms. “These are the basic bio rhythms of the rising of the sun and the setting of the sun—the signals to wake up when that ball of fire comes up in the sky and go to sleep when the ball of fire dips down,” said Dr. Shire.

2: Eliminate disruptive noises

This, of course, can be a challenge while living in the city. We recommend you get a white noise machine and listen to sounds of nature (e.g. rainfall, ocean waves crashing, birds chirping, and jungle sounds). Anything that connects you with nature will be calming to the nervous system.

3: Power down your devices

We get distracted by the blue light of our electronic devices, which can be highly stimulating, making it difficult to shut down at night. Whether we’re watching TV or spending time on our tablets or smartphones, the blue light from these can interrupt those circadian rhythms. It’s a good idea to turn those off at least an hour before going to bed. Close your eyes and listen to a podcast or music which can be soothing.

4: Keep your bedroom cool and dark

Make your bedroom 5 degrees cooler than the daytime temperature in your house. Ensure your bedroom is also completely dark. You can get black-out curtains to block out any light. Then in the morning, turn up the heat, open the shades, and let the sun shine in. It’s the quickest and easiest way to wake in the morning!

5: Choose the right mattress, pillow and sheets

It’s important to select a mattress with a firmness that allows you to keep a straight spine when lying down. A general rule for pillow firmness is one that allows you to keep your head elevated in a position that keeps your spine straight throughout. Choose well-fitting, high thread count sheets for moderate/cool comfort.

6: Get adjusted

As sleep is part of the parasympathetic nervous system (the resting and digesting part), getting a chiropractic adjustment can help foster sound sleep.

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