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How Chiropractic Can Help with Childhood Ear Infections

alert baby being adjustedAs a parent, it can be heartbreaking to see your child suffer from ear infections. Infants and toddlers are especially prone to this painful condition, which can lead to fever, irritability, and potentially even damage to the hearing and eardrum if left untreated. The traditional medical approach is to prescribe antibiotics, but there is a natural alternative that may be just as effective: chiropractic care.

Understanding the Cause of Ear Infections

The ear canal is designed with an anatomy that includes a tool called the Eustachian tube, which drains fluid from the tube. In children, this tube is more horizontal than it is in adults, making drainage more challenging. When fluid collects in the tube, it can create an environment that leads to bacteria growth, which can then cause an infection. Antibiotics are designed to kill the bacteria, but if the fluid remains, the bacteria will just grow back.

The Chiropractic Approach

Chiropractors take a different approach to ear infections. They examine the child for subluxation or misalignment in the upper cervical area that might be causing tension in the muscles surrounding that area. This tension can make drainage more difficult, leading to fluid buildup and the potential for infection. Chiropractic adjustments aim to remove this interference and allow for proper movement of the bones in the upper cervical area, allowing the fluid to drain and eliminating the opportunity for infection to grow.

The Benefits of Chiropractic Care

One of the major benefits of chiropractic care for ear infections is that it is all-natural. This means that parents can avoid giving their children unnecessary antibiotics, which can lead to antibiotic resistance. Chiropractic care is also safe for children to receive, and cervical adjustments are gentle and non-invasive.

Preventing Surgical Intervention

In addition to avoiding antibiotics, chiropractic care may also prevent the need for surgical procedures such as placing tubes in a child’s ears. By addressing the underlying cause of ear infections, chiropractic care can help to prevent future infections from occurring and potentially eliminate the need for more invasive procedures.

If your child is suffering from ear infections, consider exploring chiropractic care as a natural alternative to antibiotics or surgical intervention. Contact us, your Midtown NYC chiropractor, to schedule an appointment and see if this approach is right for your child.


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