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Spinal Tune-up

Dr. Shire holding a spine like a guitarJust like a musical instrument needs regular tuning, so does the instrument of the human body. Specifically the spinal column–that’s where we come in! As your Westchester & Midtown NYC chiropractor, we’re proud to provide focused, gentle, and effective care to help your spine find alignment and thrive.

The Spine and the Guitar

You can think of your spinal bones a bit like a guitar. In the spine, there are 24 vertebrae stacked upon one another and 33 spinal nerves exiting in between. Similar to a guitar, when its strings are too tight, they’re out of tune, and the music it produces can be painful to hear.

When the muscles of the back are too tight, they cause the vertebrae to shift, causing stress on the nerves. This causes dis-harmony, dis-ease and pain in the human instrument.

So, how can you help your spine when you aren’t visiting us for care? By drinking and eating (think veggies and fruit) enough water throughout the day, moving your body regularly, getting enough sleep as well as practicing mindfulness and meditation help to keep the body in tune as well.

Together, it’s a formula to ease stress, improve physiology and allow for good vibrations throughout the body.

If you’re in need of a visit with us, make an appointment for a spinal tune-up today.


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