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What to Expect at Your First Visit

Have you been putting up with pain for years? Maybe you thought you just have to live with it.

Dr. Robert Shire helps people every day using drug-free chiropractic care. Completely natural, chiropractic, which means “done by hand,” uses an adjustment to remove areas of stress or interference in the body. When that interference is removed, the body can heal.

Get Your Life Back

When you heal, you can participate in all the activities in life you enjoy. Whether you like to travel, want to play with your child free of pain, or engage in your favorite sports, chiropractic can help.

Obtaining a Complete Picture

We take a detailed history of every patient who comes to our office. Specifically, we’ll ask if you had any past injuries, accidents or traumas. Finding out about your lifestyle, including diet, exercise, stress levels and more also gives us valuable information. Your examination includes the following:

  • A postural evaluation
  • Range of motion exercises
  • Orthopedic exams
  • Neurological exams
  • Muscle testing

The results of these tests will allow us to focus on what the problem areas are. We then can choose from a variety of chiropractic techniques to best serve your needs.

If you’d like to experience for yourself the remarkable, life-changing benefits of chiropractic, contact your Midtown NYC chiropractor today to book an appointment!

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